“One word. Amazing. Now, I know that I wouldn’t be doing Kristie justice if I just left it at that, so let me explain.

If you’re like me, you’re probably someone who juggles many agencies, team members and expectations of colleagues alike, needless to say you have a lot on your plate. What if you had someone who was an extended member of your team, who doesn’t sit with you everyday, who does not work in your organization so in theory they’re not entrenched with your product messaging day in and out, and who doesn’t just help you, but helps many other cus
tomers like you on a daily basis. Generally, you would probably expect an average level of service from that person. Not bad, not beyond amazing, just good. But what would you think if that person consistently exceeded your expectations? What if they knew your product better than some of your own employees did and evangelized it whenever the had the opportunity? What if they could anticipate challenges coming your way and met them head on with a plan ready to execute as soon as you said go? What if they showed you how to make a bigger/better impact to your business by making smarter digital marketing decisions, even if they knew long term it meant you’d not need to depend on them so much? Exactly. You’d probably say amazing too right? ”